“Hate Train To Bittersville” is a blues tune perfect for those post break-up feelings!

It started with a little inspiration from Dale Watson and his swing sound and traveling tunes. An idea popped into my head to use a list of old Texas towns, ghost towns or cities to tell the story of a woman who just flat out admitted that she was on the “hate train.”

No apologies. No feeling sorry for herself, just the recanting of her journey from start to finish.

The list?

  1. Lubbock
  2. Cut & Shoot
  3. Hope
  4. Disappointment
  5. Looneyville
  6. Stranger
  7. Shafter
  8. Big Lump
  9. Tool
  10. Bull Town
  11. Loving
  12. Paradise
  13. Jollyville
  14. Little Hope
  15. Mudville
  16. OK
  17. Independence
  18. Need More
  19. Hill
  20. Glory
  21. Eulogy.

The only one that’s not real?  Bittersville!  Well, for some of us anyway.