The True Story Behind "Hell Or High Water"

We all know how devastating Hurricane Harvey was for Houston.  But, it also showed the true character of the city.
Neighbors became family, strangers became friends, and helping was just part of what we all did every day.
During the storm, one of our good friends was living just outside of the Barker Reservoir.  In the AM hours, the water became too much, and began breeching the reservoir near the western edge. 
The song “Hell Or High Water” tells the story of the family's water rescue in the dark hours before sunrise.  The water was so high all street signs were covered, and as they made their way in a boat trying to navigate away from their flooding home, they saw their possessions floating out of the house - fish swimming in.
The water rose so high in the house it began moving up the wall toward the family photos, including one documenting their ancestor's arrival in Texas over 100 years ago.

“Hell Or High Water” Lyrics

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