Story Behind "North Of Forty"

If you've never heard a Travis Meadows song, then you've missed out on what of the great pleasures in life.  He's someone who writes with imagery that pulls you back in time, or into the moment better than almost any songwriter around. He's also exceptionally honest in his songs, and that vulnerability creates something special.
Now, you might be wondering why I'm yammering on about Travis Meadows if this is about one of our songs.

Well, it's because I was trying to learn how to play a Travis Meadows song, couldn't learn the lick and ended up with the baseline walk in “North Of Forty.”

As my friend Susan Gibson says, what makes us unique sometimes is our inability to do something exactly like someone else.  In this case - the baseline started pulling out the story, and I happened to be thinking about everything Travis Meadows had gone through.

The result?  Where you end up in life is often amazing when you turn around and look at where you started. The road you traveled.

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