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I'm not sure about “latest” and “news” - but we'll talk about stuff!

Story Behind "North Of Forty"

If you've never heard a Travis Meadows song, then you've missed out on what of the great pleasures in life.  He's someone who writes with imagery that pulls you back in time, or into the moment better than almost any…

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North of Forty Lyrics


The world looks different on my side of the map, there’s gravel runnin’ under your wheels.
You never think you’ll make it back to a four lane road.
On my side of town there’s honky-tonks– killin’…

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Strawberry Moon Lyrics


I think of you the first day of summer every time there's a full moon
Hanging in the midnight sky like a lonesome white balloon.
Just eighteen you kissed me - said we’d have all summer long,…

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Story Behind "Strawberry Moon"

Do you know how many “moons” there are?  Wolf Moon, Blue Moon, Flower Moon, Thunder Moon, Sturgeon Moon . . . wait . . . what?  
Anyway, among the fifteen or so is a Strawberry Moon.  What is it you…

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Hell Or High Water Lyrics


They say, “Come hell or high water . . .” 
Both came tonight.
Gotta have faith as we wade through the dark
Hell and high water, gonna’ leave a mark.

It was 2AM when…

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The True Story Behind "Hell Or High Water"

We all know how devastating Hurricane Harvey was for Houston.  But, it also showed the true character of the city.
Neighbors became family, strangers became friends, and helping was just part of what we all did every day.
During the…

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Fan Favorite Tracks

Listen to some of our fan favorites here.  And, keep on the look out for some new titles showing up as work tapes.  Yep - we're fine with you hearing the sausage making!



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